Our Core Values


Demonstrate understanding that people are the center, the heartbeat of an successful enterprise. Build rapport and trust by demonstrating sensitivity and respect for others. Empower and listen to associates because they are our number-one source for information and ideas. Invest time and resources in developing associates’ skills and assisting them in managing their careers.


Include Everyone

Our individual differences make our organization more valuable. Value diverse ideas, experiences, skills, work styles and backgrounds. Harness individual differences to create a competitive advantage and better support our partners. Encourage others to accept and capitalize on diversity.



Demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit that supports our culture and vision. Take full advantage of our empowerment philosophy by offering suggestions, making decisions and taking responsibility for actions. Stand up for your convictions and vocalize your opinions.


Listen and Respond

Listen to internal and external customers (fans, grantees, players, associates, vendors, partners) to understand what they need. View customer needs as golden opportunities that, when creatively addressed, will enhance our competitive edge and the environment in which we all work and professionally grow. Dedicate the needed resources, time and energy to creating lasting value for all customers.


Innovate Continuously

Constantly seek new ways to improve results and move above and beyond what seems possible. Demonstrate non-stop reinvention. Do not let unnecessary bureaucracy kill innovation. Implement high quality, new processes, products, services, or solutions that meet or exceed the needs and expectation of our customers.


Give Back to Others

Recognize that the well-being of business cannot be separated from the well-being of society. Join in our ongoing efforts to give back through time, talents, labor and financial commitment.

Ultimately, our ability to create value–for our businesses, our customers, our associates and the communities we serve–depends on our values. More important than our financial success is the way we achieve it: by embracing and living our values, and by using them to drive decision-making in all of our businesses.